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10 April 2009 @ 12:58 am

   In order to deal with being broke, I started saving pictures of the things I would like to buy once I finally had some money. The top two things on my list were a pair of eProductSales Gabriel wings for my Soom Sard bjd and a specific pair of black lolita shoes from Ling Lam.
   Now that I have over $200 in birthday money to spend, these items are gone! The pair of wings that eProductSales had up on Etsy have sold and they haven't responded to me about a commission. I just discovered that Ling Lam has drastically cut back on their stock and no longer carry the pair of shoes I wanted.
   This is so unfair! Why am I always broke at the wrong time?! Sigh...I guess I'll put the money towards my final month of rent. Not a very fun birthday present, but at least its practical. I need to grow up anyway and stop expecting fun new "toys" for my birthday.

tldr: I'm being emo about something totally trivial and stupid.

Edit: Now the seller of the item I was bidding on on Yahoo Japan has blocked Celga so I can't get that either! WTF!!!!!!