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08 October 2009 @ 05:36 pm
No longer Soomed? Me too!  
     I've always been on Soom's side. I've defended them against spoiled brats with entitlement problems (even when I thought they were making some weird/bad shipping choices). I have never complained to them or harassed them for any reason. If I had a problem with one of my items, I'd calmly explain the problem to them without placing the blame on their company.
    Throughout the past two years, I have bought numerous Soom dolls, clothes, shoes, eyes, wigs etc. In the past, I always recommended Soom to new doll collectors. I've always had good experiences with Soom and have wanted to help their company grow and gain success in the BJD world. Unfortunately, all that is changing now.
    Soom is by far my favorite BJD company, but I think the time has finally come for me to back off. I'm not going to be a Soom apologist/supporter any longer! I think they have finally made a fatal error with this new confusing website and all the problems and surprise fees that have come along with it. I am very much against their new ID_ealian RP game and find it offensive, cult like and unwise for buisness. I hope Soom shapes up it's act soon before myself and others walk away for good. Till then, you can count me amongst the un-Soomed.

Note: A shortened version of this entry has been cross posted to Den of Angels under the Confusion Over Soom's New Site/Policies thread.