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10 February 2010 @ 04:58 am
Doll related stuff...  
    Well, first off,  I realized that I never actually recanted my harsh statement about Soom. They went through a bumpy transition period and made some big mistakes, but in the end they worked everything out. I have yet to order anything from them since the change, but that doesn't mean that I'll never order from them again. I'm still not happy about the shortened layaway period and I'm sure there are people who are still disappointed by IDealian being pulled off the market, but I understand Soom's reasoning behind both. I think opening a BJD store of my own has really helped me to better understand and sympathize with  BJD companies (and I'm just a distributor)!

   My own store, Resin Shop has run into some problems, but I think we are finally out of the woods. Dollzone, our main partner company, dropped us without notice right before we placed our order. I sent them an email stating that our order would be in on Feb 8th and they replied that they had decided to try out another distributer in my state! If this distributer didn't work out in 3 months time, they would go back to using me. Well, I know when I'm not wanted! -_- What  I couldn't believe is that they would do this to me and not even have the decency to contact me and let me know!  A couple days later, I found out that DZ had sent spies to a new rival company to sabotage them. After hearing this, I don't think I'd ever consider doing business with DZ again. They obviously care more about money than they do about people or dolls.

   Lucky for me, Ring Doll and Impldoll stepped in and really picked up the slack. I am so lucky to be doing business with such great companies! AOD has been great as well! I'm also looking forward to working with Shelly from Fantaseyes! She has agreed to make some new eye designs to be exclusively sold by Resin Shop! We have also been in negotiations with Usagihime and will be stocking many of her wigs. all in all, things are really starting to look up for Resin Shop! ^_^